The Resurrection of Daniel 12 – Fulfilled Or Future


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Special YouTube offer connected to this book.

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Daniel 12 has historically and creedally been considered as definitive proof that the Bible predicts an “end of time” physical resurrection of human corpses “out of the dust.” While that has been the traditional view, things are changing – and changing radically! With the rapid growth of Covenant Eschatology, also known as the full preterist view, the theological landscape is witnessing a New Reformation! Commentators who have in past insisted that Daniel 12 is about “the end of human history,” and that “only the human body goes into the grave,” are now openly espousing the view that Daniel 12 foretold, not a literal, physical resurrection of human corpses out of the dust, but, the corporate resurrection of the “mortal body,” of Old Covenant Israel as the incorruptible body of Christ! To say this is a stunning development is a huge understatement! How do those who now reject the creedal and historical view of Daniel 12 maintain their doctrine of a future literal resurrection, in light of their radical change of view on Daniel 12? Their “explanations” are, to put it bluntly, specious and untenable, as Dr. Don K. Preston demonstrates in this amazing new book. This book has already been described as “The Death of Dominionism,” (Postmillennialism). In fact, it has been called the definitive, fatal blow to all futurist views of a literal, physical resurrection at a so-called end of time!

If you think you understand the Bible doctrine of the resurrection, you need to read this book! If you think that we must follow the creeds and church history, you need to read this book! If you believe in a future view of the last things, you need to read this book! In this amazing, almost encyclopedic work, Dr. Preston analyses, reviews and refutes every argument that futurists make to maintain a futurist view of the resurrection of Daniel 12. He leaves no stone un-turned, no argument unanswered. There is literally not another book like this – anywhere! As Dr. Preston says at the outset of the book, “If Daniel 12 does not predict and prove a future, literal resurrection of human bodies, then all futurist views of eschatology are false.” After reading this incredible book, you will conclude, as Preston does, that Daniel 12 did not predict a future, literal resurrection! You hear and read a lot about “must read” books. Well, this is most definitely a “must read!”

Over 400+ pages of incredible research!

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