The Wedding of the King of Kings

Reader’s Review: We Shall Meet Him In The Air

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We Shall Meet Him In The Air
We are glad to share a reader’s review of We Shall Meet Him In The Air

A Reader’s Review of: We Shall Meet Him In The Air

At the top of home page on this site, we are featuring a very special price, for the month of April, 2019 on our book, We Shall Meet Him In The Air: The Wedding of the King of kings. This book is the only full preterist commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4 that has been written. It has been called by some, a systmatic theology for full preterism!

The response to this month’s special has been great, and I appreciate it very much. I wanted to share with our visitors just one of the reviews that we have received from those who have taken advantage of the special offer. Here is what one reader posted to me:

A review of  We Shall Meet Him in the Air– on YouTube– posted by “NW”:

“Here is my book review for Don Preston’s book “We Shall Meet Him in the Air”. “Scholarly, well researched, surprisingly convincing Don Preston explains in very great detail why the ‘resurrection is NOT biological, that Jesus already has come in AD 70 both for judgment and salvation, how Revelation has been fulfilled, how ‘death’ is not so much biological, but that scripture supports the fact that ‘death’ is alienation. Resurrection is restored fellowship, and Jesus has come and New Jerusalem is among us today! Very controversial, very radical from our traditional views of the millennium, rapture, Heaven, second coming, etc. eschatology. But if the reader will come to this book with an open mind, fact check Dr. Preston, weigh it out for yourself, you might just be convinced, with scripture, that ALL THINGS ARE FULFILLED! This put a lot of puzzle pieces together for me, and literally answer almost all of my questions regarding end times. Very insightful and very Convincing. This book is very well researched, and should be a required reading in Bible college, especially in regard to eschatology” I finished this book in February, and it’s a wonderful read”

Now, our special price is limited to April, 2019, and the special price does not apply to overseas orders. However, if you live overseas, and want a copy of the book in PDF, please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Take advantage of this very special, limited time offer on We Shall Meet Him In the Air: The Wedding of the King of kings, while you can! Time is running out, so don’t delay!