Resurrection| Past or Future?

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resurrection| Future or Past?
Futurists all say the resurrection of the dead is yet future. Jesus unequivocally taught otherwise!

Resurrection| Past or Future?

Hymenaean Heresy
This book totally refutes the charge that preterism is a form of the Hymenaean Heresy! Nothing else like it – anywhere!

It is, of course, considered heretical to say the resurrection of the dead is past. The charge of the Hymenaean Heresy, is quickly attached to anyone that dares to suggest that the resurrection was in AD 70. See my book, the Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charge! for a thorough refutation of this charge.

In his parabolic teaching and in his other teaching, Jesus undeniably taught that the resurrection Рthe resurrection  that Paul anticipated as the fulfillment of Isaiah 25:8, was to be in the first century, and more specifically, when Old Covenant Israel was destroyed!

In this incredibly important YouTube video, Don K. Preston demonstrates how clearly, how explicitly, how undeniably, Jesus taught that he resurrection was to be in AD 70. Abraham’s hope of the “better resurrection” (Hebrews 11:35) the entrance into the “heavenly city and country” is posited by Jesus, in words to clear to miss, as determined to be fulfilled in the first century. This video is stunning in its clarity, and irrefutable in its logic! It is time that the modern church accepted the undeniable truth that the resurrection was in AD 70!