The Death of Adam – The Life of Christ

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The Death of Adam The Life of Christ
A major new book on the Death of Adam and the Life of Christ!

The Death of Adam / The Life of Christ

Introducing a brand new, important book, by Don K. Preston– temporarily Kindle Version only.

The identification of the Death of Adam determines the nature of the eschatological resurrection. Unfortunately, misconceptions and false ideas about the nature of the death introduced by Adam have plagued– and do plague– the church for millennia!

In this new ground breaking study, prolific author Don K. Preston critically and exhaustively examines the Death of Adam in light of the claims of church history and scholarship. With incisive exegesis and logic, Preston cuts through the morass of confusion and presents a powerful, compelling case for the fact that the Death of Adam was not biological death, but alienation and separation from God, i.e. spiritual death.

The implications of this book are incredible!

The paperback version of this book will, hopefully, be published very soon. We are introducing here the Kindle version.

Get your copy today! There is literally not another book like this – anywhere!