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The Death of Jesus and the Chameleon Theology of Sam Frost

The Death of Jesus and the Death of Adam: The Chameleon Theology of Sam Frost

Sam Frost once espoused the truth of Covenant Eschatology. However, he abandoned that truth for some form of a futurist eschatology. Mr. Frost admits himself that his eschatology is still undergoing development and is not fully settled. And to anyone reading his blog comments and on FaceBook, that is abundantly– sadly and painfully, obvious. To understate the case, his constant vacillation, his blatant self contradictions and his grossly un-Biblical positions are embarrassing. But, he maintains that since he is (ostensibly at least) in step with the historical church and the creeds, that his is okay.

This article will expose the constantly changing nature of Frost’s theology in regard to the death of Jesus in the Bible. In 2012, Frost released his book explaining his “reasons” for abandoning the truth of Covenant Eschatology. In that book he offered his view of Adamic death, as three faceted:

Relational – Speaking of Christ and his work- including his death- he says: “He is cursed and estranged by the Law (Galatians 3:13).” (P. 58).

Sheolic – Frost says, “Adam entered sheol (when he died physically, DKP). Jesus entered sheol.”

Physical – Frost pulls a bit of sleight of hand here. He says: “Adam was cursed and estranged by breaking the command. Jesus physically died as a result.”

Do you see what he did there? Even though he had already admitted that Jesus was estranged from the Father as a result of bearing the sins of man, he did not want that to be too obvious, so, he once again affirmed that Adam was estranged but that Jesus died physically! He shifted gears in mid-stream from estrangement to physical death!

From these quotes it is undeniable that Frost was asserting that Adam died a three-fold death, and that Jesus entered fully into the death of Adam on the part of mankind. If Jesus did not fully enter all aspects of the death of Adam, then there is patently no way to argue that Jesus died to deliver man from Adamic Death.

Then, as he continued to struggle with the issue of Adam, death and the redemptive work of Jesus, Frost claimed: “ In reversal, the application of Jesus’ resurrection and redemption is applied to the believer: we do not enter sheol, the curse is removed for us in terms of estrangement, and we shall over come physical death as well in the resurrection. Death comes in these three forms: separation, physical death, sheol. Jesus conquered death completely.” (Samuel Frost, Why I Left Full Preterism, (Powder Springs, Ga; American Vision, 2012), 58).

So, per Frost, Christ has reversed two of the three aspects of the death of Adam. It is here that the chameleon theology / eschatology of Frost rears its revealing – self- defeating head.

In a recent FaceBook exchange, Frost said this about whether Jesus experienced alienation (i.e. estrangement) from the Father: “Sam does not believe, has never written in ALL of these exchanges that Jesus “died spiritually.” Notice that he says emphatically that he does not believe that Jesus “died spiritually.”

So, in giving his reasons for why he left the truth of preterism, he said it was because Jesus died the full orb of Adamic death. But, part of that “full orbed” death was estrangement and Jesus was “estranged.” He also experienced Sheolic Death. But, when debating Preston on FaceBook, he says he has never said, does not believe, that Jesus “died spiritually.” To say that this is self-contradictory is a huge understatement.

Then, Frost, even though he said Jesus never died spiritually, he says that Jesus went to Sheol. Well, isn’t Sheol alienation from God? If not, what is it? According to Frost it is fundamentally related to the curse of Adam and the “last enemy” in 1 Corinthians 15 – which is death. In Frost’s paradigm, physical death and Sheol are evil siamese twins that speak eloquently of the Curse of Adam. Sheol most assuredly is not indicative of salvation, Covenant relationship or dwelling in the Presence of the Lord in the MHP.

(In yet another FaceBook exchange, Frost’s views on Sheol and Heaven were exposed and revealed as self- contradictory as his views on the death of Jesus. I will not develop that here, except to say that Frost says that the saints now go to heaven when we die. But, of necessity, this demands that the resurrection has taken place, once again entrapping Frost in his new, not yet developed eschatology).

So, Frost has Jesus “estranged” and he has him going to Sheol, yet, he supposedly never died spiritually! This is double speak and nothing else.

Do not lose sight of the fact that according to Sam, Adamic death was spiritual, Sheolic and physical, with the physical being the exclusive focus of 1 Corinthians 15.

Interestingly, Frost almost down plays the covenantal / spiritual death of Eden. He also is forced to admit that Adam and Eve did not die “that day” as God promised. It took them 600 years to enter that death! So, Frost all but discounts his admission that they did die spiritually that day to focus on their death that did not occur that day, but centuries later!

See my article on Sam Frost and the Death of the Garden, in which I expose even more of Frost’s self contradictions. Among other things, Frost claimed that for Adam and Eve to understand what God meant when He threatened them with death, they had to have witnessed death already! This demands that if they understood what spiritual death was, they had to have witnessed it at work already! To say that this is un-Biblical is undeniable.

Since, per Frost’s latest claims, Jesus never experienced spiritual death – separation from God- then alienation from God cannot be the focus of the resurrection promise in 1 Corinthians 15. This ignores the fact that Paul specifically posits resurrection and forgiveness as inseparably inter-related, in v. 12-17). This also contradicts 1 Corinthians 15:55-56.

Paul anticipated the resurrection would be when “the law” that was the “strength of sin” would be overcome. Thus, resurrection from sin death. Not only that, but, it would be when sin, the “sting of death” would be overcome as well. Once again, resurrection at the triumph over sin death.

You must realize that per Frost, sin still brings spiritual alienation / estrangement! But, it not only still brings spiritual alienation / death, it still brings physical death! As a matter of fact, in one of the most confused and confusing bits of writing that you will find, Frost tries to answer the question of why Christians still die if Christ has dealt with sin. He poses the question:

“It may be asked here that if physical death is the punishment, or the result of sin (Adam’s sin) and Jesus has redeemed us from the curse, why do Christians still die? This is a fair question.” (2012, 59).

A fair question indeed!

Frost attempts to answer the question later by saying, “Being in this body means that we still have to undergo the effects of sin and death, even though the condemnation of sin is removed, which is the Gospel.” (P. 61).

Let me be very candid – this is absolutely awful theology! It makes the head spin it is so bad!

Catch the power of what Frost is saying.

1. Sin brings death (Romans 6:23); “The wages of sin is death.”

2. The Christian is forgiven of sin, and yet, although forgiven of sin (which is the ONE THING and THE ONLY THING that brings death as the curse of sin) the Christian is still under the effects (still under the curse!!) of sin and death! How is that for victory?

How is that for: “There is therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ, who do not walk after the flesh, but after the Spirit…for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.”

Notice that for those like Frost, they have to create a bifurcated “death” to explain Paul’s words here. The same is true for Jesus’ words in John 8:51, that those who keep his words will never die. Pretty clearly, all mankind, even the most faithful Christians, die physically. So, we are told that in those texts, the discussion is on spiritual death and not physical (although no proof of such a contrast is given or can be given).

But, if the law of sin and death in the Garden meant that the full orb of “death” was brought to bear through sin, then we have every right to ask: If the Christian is no longer subject to the law of sin and death, why is it that we have to die physically at all, since we are forgiven of that which brings death?

So, the child of God is not subject to the law of sin and death– per Paul the apostle. For Paul, “no condemnation” meant not being subject to the law of sin and death. However, according to Sam Frost, the Christian is still very much under the effects of sin and death! Well, if we are under the “effects” of sin and death, then we are subject to the law of sin and death, and if we are subject to the law of sin and death, then we are most assuredly – per Paul – under condemnation! Frost is in direct opposition to Paul.

Let me express it like this:

To be subject to the law of sin and death is to be under condemnation- Paul- Romans 8:1-4).

The Christian is under the law of sin and death- i.e. the Christian still lives in subjection to the effects of sin and death– Sam Frost.

Therefore, the Christian remains under the condemnation of sin and death.

Yet, per Mr. Frost- you really must catch the power of how disingenuous this really is – the Christian, living under the curse of sin and death, declares, by his death (the curse, penalty and condemnation of sin)– that he has triumphed over sin and death! Excuse me, but this is unmitigated nonsense! We declare and manifest victory by living under and suffering the Curse of sin?

How in the world can Frost say that: “We still have to undergo the effects of sin and death, even though the condemnation of sin is removed”? The condemnation of sin was death! The effect of sin was / is condemnation! If the condemnation of sin is removed, there is no “effects of sin” and there most assuredly should be no death! Do you see Mr. Frost’s problem here? This cannot be over-emphasized. It cannot be stated strongly enough.

Let me express it like this:

Prior to the coming of Christ, man lived under the effects of sin and death, experiencing physical death as the condemnation of sin.

After Christ’s resurrection, man– even those “in Christ” – lives under the effects of sin and death, experiencing physical death as the condemnation of sin.

And this is the victory?

Exactly how does it prove that we have the victory over sin and death when we continue to live under the curse (yes, the condemnation, of sin and death)? Sorry, but, as I sometimes say, “This does not even make good nonsense.”

Let me express Frost’s double speak like this:

The death of Adam included spiritual death- alienation from God – Frost.

Jesus never died spiritually, was never alienated from God – Frost.

Therefore, Jesus did not die the death of Adam (in its fulness).

I would strongly suggest that if Jesus did not die spiritually, was not alienated from the Father as a result of bearing the sins of man, then he did not die to deliver man from spiritual death.

But, Frost is easily defeated:

The death of Adam included spiritual death- alienation from God- Frost (videos #2-3; 2012, 58f).

Jesus died the full extent of Adamic Death– Frost.

Therefore, Jesus did die spiritually.

To put it another way:

Sheolic Death is estrangement from God.

Jesus died Sheolic Death– Frost.

Therefore, Jesus did die spiritually. (Jesus was estranged from the Father- Frost).

Frost is patently guilty of contradicting himself. Worse, he contradicts what the Bible has to say about the Adamic Curse, and, he is guilty of impugning the power of the blood of Christ.

Frost’s constantly shifting, constantly changing, “Chameleon theology” is a prime example of what I call “argumentum ad desperatum.” That is a “Latin” term that I personally coined (No, it is not a real Latin term) to describe the arguments of the enemies of Covenant Eschatology, when they realize that they cannot refute it by doing actual exegesis. In “desperation” they make up new and novel, self-contradictory and self-defeating “arguments” that turn and rend them.

Finally, consider the following: Frost constantly tells his readers that he holds to the creedal, traditional view of the historic church. Well, his vacillation on whether Jesus died spiritually raises an interesting question:

Did the historical church say that Jesus did die spiritually? If so, Frost (at least in some of his writings) denies this! So, he would be out of step with the traditional church’s view if this is the case.

Did the historical church say that Jesus did not die spiritually? If so, then Frost (in at least some of his writings) denies this! So, he would be out of step with the traditional church’s view if this is the case.

Thus, for Frost to claim, as he constantly does, that he holds to the consistent view of the creeds and the historical church is completely falsified by his vacillation on whether Jesus died spiritually. He both says he didn’t, but then he said he did! This is the Chameleon Theology of Sam Frost.

For an in-depth study of the death of Jesus in the Bible and his redemptive work to overcome the death of Adam, get a copy of my book, We Shall Meet Him In The Air, The Wedding of the King of kings. This book proves beyond successful disputation that the “Death of Adam” was not physical.

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