The Eschatology of Zechariah 14 – #3– Zechariah and Revelation

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zechariah 14

#1” href=”” target=”_blank”>The first article of this series demonstrated that Zechariah 14 has traditionally and correctly been applied to the A.D. 70 coming of the Lord. #2” href=”” target=”_blank”>We also examined the correlation of Zechariah 14 and the Olivet Discourse showing that Zechariah 14:7 destroys any argument for a divided chapter in Matthew 24.

Our purpose here is to show that Zechariah 14 also parallels the Apocalypse. With this connection established certain things will be apparent.

☛ If Zechariah 14 is predictive of the A.D. 70 parousia of Jesus and the attendant blessings, then if Zechariah is parallel to the Apocalypse, Revelation must speak of the same things.

☛ If Zechariah 14 and Revelation are parallel the idea that the fall of Jerusalem was an insignificant event with no eternal spiritual ramifications must be abandoned.

Carrington says that besides Ezekiel, Zechariah has influenced the book of Revelation the most and that, “It is important therefore, to realize, that it (Revelation, DKP) speaks of the destruction of this Jerusalem and a vengeance upon its inhabitants; it looks forward to the glory of a New Jerusalem under the house of David, and the gentiles coming to worship there.” (Philip Carrington, The Meaning of Revelation, (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, (SPCK) London, 1931)271). The chart below will help us to see that Zechariah does indeed play an integral role in the thought of the Apocalypse.

Zechariah 14 and Revelation

Zechariah                                                             Revelation
Coming of the Lord with His Saints, 14:5  –  Coming of the Lord with His Saints 14:14f; 19:11f
Earthquake at the Day of the Lord, 14:4-5  –  Earthquake at the Day of the Lord, 6:12-17; 11:13; 16
Earthquake and Coming of the Lord at siege of Jerusalem, 14:1-5  –  Earthquake and Coming of the Lord at judgment of city  “where the Lord was crucified” 11:8-13
Time of light, 14:7  – Time of light, 21:23
River of living waters, 14:8  –  River of life, 22:1
The Lord shall be King over the earth, 14:9  –  The Lord is King of the earth, 11:15; 19:16; 22:3
Exaltation of Zion, 14:10  –  Exaltation of Zion, 14, 21
No more curse, curse removed, 14:11  –  No more curse, curse removed, 22:3
Nations coming to New Jerusalem with their wealth, 14:14  –   Nations coming to New Jerusalem with their wealth, 21:24
Nations observing Feast of Tabernacles, 14:16-20  –  Nations observing Feast of Tabernacles, 7:9-17* [vs. 17 also has the fountain of living waters]

Zecharian 14 IS Revelation!

Other comparisons could be drawn from Zechariah 10-13 but these from Zechariah 14 show that Revelation is in fact heavily dependent upon the post-exilic prophet. John is repeating virtually every element of Zechariah 14, the predictions about the Messiah and his work. The significance of this cannot be over-emphasized, and we will examine that in the next installment.