The Nature of the Kingdom – You Are The Temple of God!

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In Jewish thought, and in their real world, Land, City, Temple and kingdom all went hand in hand inseparably. Thus, when we find OT prophecies of the Temple, we are, de facto, seeing prophecies of the Kingdom! My Dispensational friends insist that one of these days, Jesus will come to earth in a physical body and rule from literal Jerusalem, in an earthly kingdom. Likewise, in three formal debates, my Amillennial and Postmillenial opponents have insisted that Jesus will one day return to rule on earth in a physical kingdom!

Joel McDurmon argued for this in our 2012 debate in Ardmore, Ok. Harold Eberle argued for this, and Steve Gregg likewise argued for an earthly, physical kingdom. DVDs of those debates are available from me.

What these futurist views overlook is how the NT writers interpret the OT prophecies of the kingdom. A prime example of this is the wonderful prophecy of Ezekiel 37 where YHVH promised to establish the Messianic Temple / Tabernacle, and to dwell with man. What is ironic is that Dispensationalists insist this must be a literal, physical temple, Amillennialists and Postmillennialists deny this– at least ostensibly– but, their rejection of a literal temple is nullified by their insistence on a physical kingdom! How can you argue for a literal, earthly, physical kingdom, and not argue that there will likewise be a literal temple. This is inconsistency exemplified!

Here is a link to another YouTube video on the nature of the kingdom. In this important video, I demonstrate how Paul, who constantly reminds us that he preached nothing but the hope of Israel, interpreted Ezekiel 37 and that prophecy of the Messianic Temple. Paul’s emphatic statements are powerful and irrefutable, so, take a look!

Be sure to get a copy of my newest book, The Resurrection of Daniel 12:2- Fulfilled or Future?, for an in-depth study of the nature of the kingdom and a total refutation of futurist eschatology. This is an incredibly powerful book, and one that you need in your library!