The Parables of Jesus| The Midnight Call!

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The parables of jesus
The parables of Jesus actually prove that his coming for his Wedding was in AD 70!

The Parables of Jesus – The Midnight Call of Romans 13!

It is widely held that the Olivet Discourse discusses two topics: the fall of Jerusalem in verses 4-34, and the “end of the world” in verses 35 through chapter 25. However, a closer look, especially of chapter 25 proves this false.

Take a look at my YouTube video on the Midnight Call that The Bridegroom Comes! When we look at Romans 13:11f it becomes more than evident that Jesus was discussing one thing, and one thing only: his coming in judgment of Old Covenant Israel in AD 70, when he would take his Bride!

When we look carefully at the parables of Jesus, it becomes more and more clear that Jesus never addressed the issue of “the end of time.” In fact, the Bible does not teach such a doctrine at all! The parables of Jesus are about his coming to bring the Old Covenant to an end. Get a copy of the 2006 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend MP3s for a great study of the Eschatology of the Parables of Jesus.