Two Guys and the Bible– Tuesday Night! Don’t Miss This!!

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Don’t forget that each Tuesday night, William Bell and Don K. Preston will be discussing important Bible topics. This upcoming Tuesday (Nov. 13, 2012) we will continue our discussion of a recent article by Glenn Edmiston, in which he reviewed Don K. Preston’s book The End of the Law: From Torah to Telos.

Edmiston takes the position that the Law of Moses and God’s covenant relationship with Israel, ended at the Cross. In his book, Preston posits the passing of Torah at AD 70.

This is a critical issue, lamentably misunderstood by most Bible students. In a formal written debate, Kurt Simmons and Don K. Preston debated this topic. That debate is now in book form, (The End of Torah: At the Cross or AD 70?) and we highly recommend that you get a copy of it for your personal study.

On the next Two Guys and the Bible, Bell and Preston will discuss Edmiston’s charge that if the Law did not pass until AD 70, that this demands that Christians and Jews alike were bound by two laws at the same time: Torah and the Gospel. Simmons made the same claim in the written debate. For a full discussion of that charge, you need to read that book.

This is a very serious (false) charge, but one that is commonly made. You do not want to miss this important discussion, so, tune into, at 6PM central time, this Tuesday evening, November 13, 2012! If you can’t listen live, the program will be archived for your convenience, so, take advantage of the archives!

See you Tuesday evening!