Viewer Feedback on the Michael Brown versus Don K. Preston Formal Debate

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Viewer feedback on the June 3, 2014 formal moderated debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Don K. Preston

Viewer Feedback to the Michael Brown versus Don K Preston Formal Debate

I had the distinct pleasure to engage in a formal moderated debate, on June 3, 2014, with Dr. Michael Brown. Dr. Brown is a noted apologist, having debated numerous atheists, Jews, Moslems, etc.. Our discussion cerntered around the question of whether Paul foretold a yet future– to us– conversion of national, ethnic Israel. He affirmed that this is precisely what Paul predicted. I denied that position, affirming that Romans 11 was fulfilled in AD 70. You can watch the video of the debate here.


This was a lively, informative debate, and contains a wealth of information for Bible students to study, examine and test. The response to the debate has been incredible, and positive! I want to share just a tiny portion of the responses sent to me, either via email, or on FaceBook, publicly or privately. I am so thankful to have this great opportunity and am hopeful that Dr. Brown and I can have other debates in the future.


I have deleted the last names of the posters below, for privacy, and have edited for spelling. Otherwise, the posts are as I received them.

 What the Viewers of the Debate Have Said

Mike–  I listened to the Preston- Brown debate today. I will say this about Don, he is the consummate professional and gentleman. He has far more tact and grace than I do. Even though Michael Brown was not derogatory or condescending, he made some statements that I would’ve responded to in kind. Don kept his cool, and addressed the critical points, as usual.

Thank goodness for Don and his unparalleled work.
Bob great job Don!
Mark mentioned you in a comment.
Mark wrote: “Thank you, Don. You’re very knowledgeable, and I appreciate the efforts you make to share that knowledge. I can’t say I agree with all the details of your eschatology, but you make many excellent points and every serious student of eschatology would do well to consider your views.”
Johnny: Just an absolute GREAT JOB!

Spencer:  Great job exposing the folly of Brown’s completely backward hermeneutic. Time statements = figurative; nature of fulfillment = literal… Oy vey!

Joe: Getting to listen to as much as I did – I left work at 5pm on the nose and turned it on! So not sure how much of the debate I missed?
Don did do a great job, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him! It’s clear to me that the biggest problem with a futurist verses a preterist debate is the fact that the futurist takes words to literal! This was also evident in the Michael Miano / Bruce Bennett debate! (i.e. death, war, crying, shaking of the heavens and the earth, resurrection, etc…)
I have a great deal of respect and love for Dr. Michael Brown and his defense of the deity of Christ, but I think he is lacking in eschatology, but a great Christian man regardless! And of course I have a great love and respect for Don Preston as a friend and all his knowledge, especially in the area of eschatology!
I am glad that they both were very respectful of each other although they have differing views! That’s how it should be. (I can’t say the same for the truculent treatment my friend Michael Miano had to cope with in his debate!)
Oh, also one last thing … when I said, “I left work at 5pm on the nose” I want all futurist friends to understand that I did not bounce out of work on my nose! Lol!!!

Apostle Axel Sippach I really appreciate this debate between 2 passionate scholars on a very controversial subject in the body of Christ. I would love to see much more of this. This is a great format for less scholarly believers to understand the argument – the strengths and weaknesses of each position – and launch on their own journey of study and discovery of biblical truth, and be  able by the Spirit of Truth and the Word of Truth to land on the most accurate interpretation.

Willy T
The topic of bible prophecy and it’s fulfillment got some much needed exposure with that debate. Religious institutions need to encourage people to seek out the truth apart from tradition. Searching out the truth of a matter is an amazing and exhilarating experience. I appreciate the time you put into your ministry, Don. You’re one of the good guys.
I’ll raise my coffee mug in acknowledgement of your efforts hoping our glorious God’s truth will be embraced through them. ?

Voice Kry
Well done, gentlemen!
Don Preston won.
Jesse C
Where the wolf will eat ox like the straw… Lol really enjoyed the debate well done guys very well done and extremely educational.
That was great! Both men are scholars and gentlemen. I will listen four more times to understand where Dr. Preston is coming from, as I believe and have been taught like Dr. Brown.
Douglas: “His answer to your first question was the whole ball game in my opinion. I doubt that he had ever heard that Peter declared that the manner of fulfillment was unknown to the original writers. But, the best part of that question and answer is that he is absolutely committed to a literal fulfillment according to the original description of the events. So, at some point in the future just before Armageddon we’ll all be switching back to swords and chariots.”
Joanne: The debate was informative and interesting….. I don’t think Dr. Brown was prepared for your theological answers. You were both very gracious, but in my book you won, hands down!
Todd: Hermeneutics is key….very well done to both participants
Lance that was entertaining.
Darryl: Hi just watched your debate with Dr. brown after being tipped off by a few newly preterist friends …definitely some interesting views …..and a lot of info to digest !!!
Ann: It answers so many unanswerable questions. Makes one wonder if God only reveals his deeper truths to those who are genuinely searching for absolute truth.

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