Watch a Public Debate, Live, Tonight! 9-12-15

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public debate
Watch the formal public debate between Amillennialist Jason Wallace, and Don K. Preston, live, tonight (9-12-15), at 6:30 PM Mountain time (7:30 Central).

Tune in to watch a formal Public Debate – Live!

You can watch the formal public debate (live) between “Orthodox, Reformed, Amillennialist” Jason Wallace and Don K. Preston, tonight, September 12, beginning at 6:30 PM (Mountain time– 7:30 central).

Mr. Wallace will affirm that Christ’s Second Coming will occur at the end of the current Christian age. Mr. Preston will affirm that Christ’s Second Coming occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem (the end of the Old Covenant Age) in AD 70.

Mr. Wallace has stated that he will expose Covenant Eschatology as heresy in this debate, so, it should be a lively– but respectful– debate.

You can tune in live, here

6 Replies to “Watch a Public Debate, Live, Tonight! 9-12-15”

  1. Thanks Mr Preston, I enjoyed the debate. I am now studying out the parallels and harmony between the verses you used – Daniel, 1 Corinthians 15, Matthew, etc.
    I especially found your teaching on Preterism #1 video to be helpful. I intend to watch the follow-up #2.
    I was encouraged to hear I’m not the only one who found this walk into Fulfilled Covenant Eschatology to be painful and somewhat isolated.
    I was somewhat disappointed that Mr Wallace was not able to Scripturally articulate his concerns about a Fulfilled Eschatology. He seemed to have real reservations, but I was not able to put my finger on where he was coming from.
    It does get tiresome to hear “I don’t see it” or “It hasn’t happened yet.”
    One question I have for those who believe Jesus came in the Ad 70 judgement against Jerusalem, but there is also some future Coming: I don’t understand where they see 2 Comings, or where in Scripture Jesus (or the prophets) gave us an idea of any Comings beyond what He taught?
    Thanks for all you do and Be Blessed!

    1. Kathy, there is no justification for saying that there is another coming beyond AD 70. No NT writer ever so much as hints at that idea, but, history and creedalism demands it, so, they keep holding onto it, like Mr. Wallace.

  2. I wanted to add a question about Rev 10:7. If the Mystery of God is finished, then what further revelation are they looking for?
    Paul’s teaching about the Mystery is quite comprehensive, and it gives us a wonderful insight into how God hid, or obscured, His Plan throughout the OT, as well as insight into our true identity in Christ. I see the completed Mystery as our “marching orders” or the reality of the way it really is. This alone fills me with excitement towards our future instead of the doom and foreboding that weighs so heavily today.

  3. I watched the debate (or so called) a couple days ago on you tube. I kept waiting for Mr Wallace to give his opinion about his position but it never came.

    I still have questions about full Preterism but am about 90% there. Thank you for your teaching.


    1. Van, thank you for watching. Mr. Wallace was clearly not prepared for the testimony of scripture. He continual appeal to the creeds was distressing but revealing. Thanks again!

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