Who is This Babylon

Who Is This Babylon?

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A questioner on Facebook just today- (5-19-2021) asked about the identity of Babylon of Revelation. One responder claimed that Mecca, (Islam) in Saudia Arabia was the Sea beast of Revelation, and that the Roman Catholic Church is the Land beast. I offered the following brief synoptic look at the identity of Babylon

Babylon is the city:”The killed the OT prophets– Rev. 16:6– neither Mecca or the RCC killed an OT prophet.

Babylon was “where the Lord was crucified.” Not Mecca and not the RCC.

Babylon was spiritually designated as Sodom. Only one city in all the Bible was ever spiritualy called Sodom, and that was OC Jerusalem– Isaiah 1:10 / Ezekiel 23.

Babylon killed the apostles and prophets of Jesus– Rev. 18:20-24.

Jesus himself said it was Jerusalem that had killed the prophets, they would kill him, and would kill his apostles and prophets.The judgment of Jerusalem was in the first century; the judgment of Babylon was coming soon, shortly and quickly when John wrote.No other city or entitty did what Babylon of Revelation did. Only Jerusalem fits the description.https://www.store.bibleprophecy.com/…/who-is-this…/