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Will God Curse America If We Do Not Support Israel?


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John Hagee claims that God will curse America if we do not support Israel unconditionally. But, is this true?

Will God Curse America if we do not support Israel?

In his most recent newsletter, San Antonio Zionist minister John Hagee commented on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahue’s recent speech before Congress. Netanyahu urged America to support Israel in resisting the Iranian move to develop nuclear weapons. He appealed to the story of Esther and Hamaan’s efforts to annihilate the nation of Israel, and how YHVH used the beautiful Esther to save the nation. Hagee commented on this, claiming that America is the equal to Eshter and that if, therefore, America does not fulfill that role, God will judge the USA. Here are Hagee’s words:

<God will bring judgment to us. Every nation in the Bible that did not stand with Israel in her hour of need, did not survive. God’s message to America, this past Tuesday in Congress was loud and clear. “Stand with Israel; because the day you reject Israel is the day that I will reject you.”

Hello, Washington! Hello, John Kerry! We are not negotiating Israel’s future in Iran. We are negotiating ours.>

John Hagee is a Zionist among Zionists. He has openly called for America to make pre-emptive military strikes on Iran or any other country that might threaten the nation he calls Israel. But, there are several things that need to be carefully considered, and that are well documented both in history and in Scripture.

1. God fulfilled all of the Land promises to Israel long ago (Joshua 21:43-45). He fulfilled the promises at the time of the Conquest, under Joshua. He fulfilled the promises under Solomon, in fact, giving them more land than promised in Genesis 15! The Bible writers tell us repeatedly that God kept the land promises! See my book, Israel 1948: Countdown to NoWhere for a full discussion and documentation of this.

 This book proves indisputably that God fulfilled all of the land promises to Israel, and that "Israel" of today, is the Israel of the Bible! A devastating critique of Zionism!
Will God Curse America?, if we do not support Israel?

2. Israel’s continued possession of the land was always conditional on her obedience to Torah– the Law of Moses. See Deuteronomy 30:1-10.

3. YHVH Himself- through His Son, the Messiah– has removed the Law of Moses! Thus, this removed the promise of the land! There is no Torah for Israel to obey, and without Torah obedience there is no land promise to Israel!

4. The land and the nation were always mere shadows of “better things to come” (Colossians 2 / Hebrews 9-10). The literal land and nation were never intended to be the ultimate goal of God’s scheme of redemption.

5. All of God’s promises to Abraham are fulfilled in Christ- the True Seed of Abraham, and only those who are of faith are the Seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:6f).

6. There is no Israelite nation today, descended from Abraham! Do you catch the power of that, John Hagee? Consider just two sources– one of them the Encyclopedia Judaiaca:

The Encyclopedia Brittanica, (1973 .vol. 12, page 1054) – ‘The Jews As A Race: The findings of physical anthropology show that, contrary to the popular view, there is no Jewish race. Anthropornetric measurements of Jewish groups in many parts of the world indicate that they differ greatly from one another with respect to all the important physical characteristics.”

Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem (1971)
“It is a common assumption, and one that sometimes seems ineradicable even in the face of evidence tothe contrary, that the Jews of today constitute a race, a homogeneous entity easily recognizable. From the preceding discussion of the origin and early history of the Jews, it should be clear that in the course of their formation as a people and a nation they had already assimilated a variety of racial strains from people moving into the general area they occupied. This had taken place by interbreeding and then by conversion to Judaism of a considerable number of communities.
. . .
“Thus, the diversity of the racial and genetic attributes of various Jewish colonies of today renders any unified racial classification of them a contradiction in terms. Despite this, many people readily accept the notion that they are a distinct race. This is probably reinforced by the fact that some Jews are recognizably different in appearance from the surrounding population. That many cannot be easily identified is overlooked and the stereotype for some is extended to all – a not uncommon phenomenon” (Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem, 1971, vol. 3, p. 50). See also the Encyclopedia Americana (1986), that says the same things, as a host of other sources. The indisputable fact is that “Israel” today, is not the “Israel” of the first century!

You simply must catch the power of this fact! If there is no Biblical nation of Israel today, then the Israel of today is not the heir of the Abrahamic land promises, the national promises– and thus, when John Hagee says that God will curse America if we do not support Israel unconditionally is patently false!

An Important Note: At our Preterist Pilgrim Weekend in Ardmore, Ok. this July (16-18), William Bell will be showing from history and the Bible that the modern Zionist movement is in fact a danger to America, and, he will show that modern “Israel” is composed primarily of Khazarian “Jews” who became “Jews” by conversion– but who were never of the blood line of Abraham! This is stunningly important in its implications, so you don’t want to miss this seminar! Sign up now to be with us!!

Now, since God fulfilled all of the national promises to Israel long ago, then those promises are no longer valid. John Hagee is wrong to apply those promises to modern Israel.

If those land promises to Israel were conditional of her obedience to the Law of Moses- then since, per anyone’s admission, Israel is NOT obedient to the Law of Moses to day, then she has not divine right to the land!

Since God Himself- through Christ – removed the Law of Moses – then the very condition for Israel’s possession of the land is removed! She has not land promise!

Since there is no Biblical, ethnic and racial Israel today, then the nation that is called Israel cannot be the recipient of the Biblical promises to ethnic, racial Israel! Period!

In light of these indisputable facts, John Hagee is patently wrong to claim that God will curse America if we do not support “Israel” today. His claims are fear mongering at its worse!

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  1. I can’t understand how you square your position on Israel with the middle chapters of Romans, especially 11.

    1. Scott, first of all, thanks for visiting! We truly appreciate it! Romans 9-11 powerfully proves the very point I am making when properly considered. The problem we have commonly today is that we take Paul’s words out of their original audience context and apply it to our historical situation. Audience relevance is then lost. I have produced a seven part audio series “All Israel Shall Be Saved” that illustrates this, and might be of great service to you. Contact me personally on how to order that.

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