YouTube Video Review of the Frost -V-Preston Debate

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Sam Frost, former preterist, and Don K. Preston, recently engaged in a two day formal radio debate (two hours each night) on the radio program, Iron Sharpens Iron” hosted by Chris Arnzen.

Archive of night 1, May 28, 2020.
Archive of night 2, May 29, 2020

Then, there was a third night of strictly Q and A with questions from callers. That has not yet been posted as I post this (6-11-20).

The YoutTube video linked above is in response to a review of the debate by Dr. James White, a noted apologist. Now, Dr. White was the moderator for the first of two debates that I had with Dr. Michael Brown. What is so interesting is that Dr. White has been challenged numerous times to meet me in formal debate, but never even responds to the invitations. Not even a “No Thank you.” Not only that, after his review of the Frost -V-Preston debate took place, numerous of people — including myself and my friend Mike Sullivan– posted comments in support of the preterist view, and urging Dr. White to debate me. In response, Dr. White simply disabled comments on his review!
The video above was produced by an admirer of White, who takes him to task for his rather shoddy and unscholarly comments about the Frost-V-Preston debate. He urges White to debate me.