Zionism| Refuted by Jesus’ Parables!

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zionism| True of False?
Zionism / Dispensationalism says Jewish unbelief postponed the kingdom. The parables of Jesus prove otherwise!

Zionism| Refuted by Jesus’ Parables!

The fundamental doctrine of Dispensationalism and religious Zionism is that Jesus offered the kingdom to the Jews, but they rejected it. As a direct result, God had to postpone the kingdom, and establish the church, a previously unknown, un-predicted entity. Only after the church is raptured from the world will God once again resume His dealings with Israel and then, the Jews will come to faith in Jesus– resulting in the establishment of the kingdom. The parables of Jesus, however, totally falsify this fundamental doctrine of Zionism / Dispensationalism!

Be sure to watch my YouTube Video, exposing the false premise of Zionism and Dispensationalism. You will be amazed at how powerfully Jesus’ parables refute the postponement theory.

For more on the Postponement Doctrine of Zionism and Dispensationalism, see my book, Seal Up Vision and Prophecy. It has what has been called the most devastating refutation of the postponement doctrine that has been written. It will blow you away! Zionism is exposed as never before!

Seal Up Vision and Prophecy- Refuting the Postponement Doctrine
This book contains one of the most powerful refutations of the postponement doctrine ever produced! Devastating!